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Strengthening Company Culture Through Uncertain Times

April 3, 2020
 Right now, businesses are facing more roadblocks than ever. For many companies, things are on hold until the governor’s “Stay Home, Stay Safe, Save Lives” order ends. The question of when social distancing will end is up in the air, leaving many employees unsure of their job security. In tough times, businesses must rely on their company culture to carry them through. 

Below are some points to consider for ensuring a positive company culture throughout the COVID-19 crisis. 


Verbally communicate employee appreciation. 

Employees want to know that they matter. Since cash incentives may be difficult right now, verbally communicating your appreciation with employees is a good step to take. It may seem like a simple and obvious step to take, but concrete recognition establishes an overall tone for the company. 

Keep employees informed with resources and information. 

Don’t leave your team in the dark. The Detroit Regional Chamber has various resources for employees on working from homefor parents, practicing wellnessand more. Make sure to share your own guidance and other resources to help your employees navigate this difficult time. 

Help employees stay engaged and enthusiastic about their work. 

Motivation comes from feeling like your work is important and valued. Communicate with your employees the ways in which their work is important, and what the organization needs right now. 

Keep executive decisions transparent, and don’t make empty promises. 

Tough decisions could be just around the corner. When considering cuts and layoffs, it’s important to consider all options first like work share and temporary leave. It’s important to keep your team informed about executive decisions. While the crisis will pass, how your company reacted to the crisis will be remembered by your employees. 

Encourage support and communication among employees. 

While many are feeling isolated, encouraging support among employees through frequent virtual meetings or web conferencing happy hours can help keep spirits up. It’s difficult to remain a team while social distancing, but frequent get-togethers over phone and video platforms can help your employees remain in touch and stay strong through tough times.