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U.S. Census: Secondary Education Attainment Increased, View Data

November 15, 2022

According to the latest data from the U.S. Census’s American Community Survey, the Detroit region saw an increase in secondary education attainment. While nearly all secondary educational areas have had some increase between 2019 and 2021, the “Associates Degree or Higher” categories are the most significant increases, both at 2%. (The U.S. Bureau did not collect data for 2020.) 

 The Detroit Regional Chamber celebrates these increases in educational attainment, as it is a step to receiving degrees – a critical contributor to individual, regional, and statewide economic prosperity.   

 This educational attainment data also shows a continued trajectory towards achieving Sixty by 30, an education and talent goal established by the Chamber and adopted by the State of Michigan to increase the number of working-age adults with a skill certificate or college degree to 60% by 2030. The Chamber is doing its part to achieve Sixty by 30 through its Detroit Drives Degrees and Detroit Promise programs. Learn more about these initiatives here.

View the new data below. 

Detroit-Warren-Dearborn, MI Metro Area20212019
Age by Educational attainmentTotalPercentTotalPercent
Population 25 years and over3,062,864(X)3,019,345(X)
Less than 9th grade88,8132.90%85,9272.80%
9th to 12th grade, no diploma176,4255.80%185,1396.10%
High school graduate (includes equivalency)816,86526.70%825,25227.30%
Some college, no degree655,00021.40%676,54522.40%
Associate’s degree279,7409.10%268,1368.90%
Bachelor’s degree623,48720.40%579,48519.20%
Graduate or professional degree422,53413.80%398,86113.20%
High school graduate or higher2,797,62691.30%2,748,27991%
Bachelor’s degree or higher1,046,02134.20%978,34632.40%
Associate’s degree or higher43.30%41.3%
Shorter Term Credentials (Lumina Strong Nation, Michigan)7.4%7.4%
60% Goal Status50.7%48.7%
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