Detroit Regional Chamber > US Rep. Andy Levin: We Need to Test, Trace, Isolate, and Support

US Rep. Andy Levin: We Need to Test, Trace, Isolate, and Support

May 1, 2020

U.S. Rep. Andy Levin joined Detroit Regional Chamber President and CEO Sandy K. Baruah in today’s Tele-Town Hall to discuss what’s next for the federal response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Levin helped answer businesses’ questions and explain how the federal government plans to anticipate forthcoming issues due to the pandemic.

A major problem has been federal aid for small businesses running out too quickly for those who need it most. Even with the replenishment, the funds are expected to run out again quickly. The bottom line is to pass a CARES 2 package in the coming weeks, said Levin.

Levin has been involved in introducing the Relaunching America’s Workforce Act, an investment in America’s workforce through career and technical education systems. Levin said that he hopes the bill will become part of CARES 2. Help for state and local governments is also likely to come soon, noted Levin.

Levin has also been a part of introducing a plan for a “coronavirus containment corps” which would create a national COVID-19 contact tracing program to help prevent the further spread of the virus. Other measures to fight the spread of the virus, other than staying at home, are essential because it’s crucial that Americans get back to work, explained Levin.

“We need to test, trace, isolate, and support people if we want to keep this pandemic under control.”