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18 Small Shops at Downtown Detroit Markets Help You Avoid Bland Gifts

December 20, 2022

Detroit Free Press
Dec. 2, 2022
Chandra Fleming

Christmas can be stressful, trying to find the perfect gift. Everything is sold out or looks too bland at your local big chain store.

Maybe it’s time to take a different route. Think smaller.

Eighteen small businesses set up shop in tiny holiday markets right in the heart of Detroit, Cadillac Square. They’re little shops full of jewelry creations, candles that remind you of gingerbread, outfits with Detroit branding, and creative wood pieces that pop out. Two of those 18 shops are yummy food shops. There’s something for everyone.

Here are shops to check out in your search for the next perfect gift:

Alcott’s Attic Bookstore

An independent bookshop that sells a range of genres.

Gift: A blind date with a book

The book is wrapped in brown paper but has clues about what the book is about on the back.

Price: Varies

Not Sorry Goods

An apparel brand that focuses on feeling good and looking good while doing so, unapologetically, according to their website. They use deadstock materials plus sew everything in their factory.

Gift: Patchwork Crew sweatshirt

Price: $65

Opal Grove Games

A local game shop in Detroit.

Gifts: Folded Wishes, Improper Nouns


  • Folded Wishes: $25
  • Improper Nouns (unsigned copies): $40 (signed copies): $45

3 Dogs 1 Cat

A local Detroit pet shop selling pet toys, treats, and clothing.

Gift: Reindeer suit

It’s a knitted reindeer hat that turns your pet into a fawn. It comes in multiple different colors and ranges in sizes from small to large.

Price: $22-30

Quétarshé Textiles Design Studio

Handmade creative textile company specializing in handmade goods.

Gift: Hand felted scarves, sherpa tunic tops, hat warmers


  • Hand-felted scarves: $125-300
  • Tunic tops: $90-100
  • Hat warmer- $45

Dcreated Boutique

A baby and adult clothing brand that also sells tote bags, mugs and other novelty.

Gift: Merry Mama and Merry Mini Sweatshirts


  • Merry Mama:$34
  • Merry Mini: $28

Halie & Co

Handmade candle and jewelry base business that sells 14k gold-filled or sterling silver hammered wires plus smell goods for all seasons.

Gift: Merry Bright Candle, Jewelry


  • Large Merry Bright Candle: $34
  • Jewelry- $4-150

Janna Kay Charcuterie

Catering charcuterie brand that creates boards and boxes for all occasions.

Gift: 16-inch Charcuterie Boards

Price: $125

Love Travel Imports

A company that sources artisan goods from South Africa, Guatemala, Peru, and Haiti then ships them to Detroit.

Gifts: Handmade angel tea lights from Haiti, baskets from Kenya, elephant necklaces from South Africa

Everything is handmade and comes in multiple different sizes. The baskets can be filled with gifts and given as a present.


  • Handmade angel tea lights from Haiti- $32
  • Baskets from Kenya- $23-59
  • Elephant necklaces from South Africa – $22

Ink Courage

novelty shop that sells mugs, stickers, T-shirts, and other goods that have words of encouragement.

Gift: Custom gift box

Shoppers have the option to create a custom gift box that features a candle, mug, bracelet or necklace pus a hot cocoa bomb. Each product features encouraging words.

Price: $40


kitchen shop that emphasizes “intention” in the kitchen with cookbooks from different parts of the world and kitchen tools.

Gift: Premade gift sets

Gift sets already made for simple gift ideas, feature a cookbook, olivewood board, or serving spoons. Each gift features a different item and cookbook.

Prices: $25-65

Flamingo Vintage

vintage shop that sells clothing and accessories

Gift: Vintage fur jacket

Price: $140

Whimsy & Wine

Handmade wooden DIY decor brand plus sells other decor goods.

Gifts: Christmas Tree Lighting ornament, gingerbread man wooden sign


  • Christmas Tree Lighting ornament: $15
  • Gingerbread man wooden sign: $35


African-inspired apparel brand that inspires to connect the African diaspora through fashion and accessories.

Gifts: Custom apron, bandana, scrunchie gift set from Congo

Prices: Varies

Young Socialites Clothier

A fashion brand that specializes in trendy kid fashion items.

Gifts: Sequin holiday jacket, sequined baseball cap, custom-made scrunchies, bubble shirt dress


  • Sequin holiday jacket: $65
  • Sequined baseball cap: $22
  • Custom-made scrunchies: $10
  • Bubble shirt dress: $45

Well Done Goods

Handmade garment printing brand, that uses Detroit manholes as its source of print.

Gift: Manhole Cover Print Pullover Hoodie

Price: $49

What Else to Know

Detroit Downtown Partnership (DDP) created the markets as an opportunity for small businesses to grow their business in Detroit. By allowing them to set up shop in the community, hosting events for foot traffic, and providing them with endless opportunities for growth. It’s through a partnership with Gilbert Family Foundation and Bedrock.

The markets allow folks from all over a chance to shop in Detroit and get engaged with the community. The markets are here until Jan.1, 2023. The other two markets are food based; Estella’s Vegan Dessert Boutique and Monger’s Provisions. Estella’s Vegan Dessert Boutique sells vegan-based cookies, desserts and cakes. Their goal is to spread a healthy plant-based diet among the masses. Monger’s Provisions sells fine cheeses, charcuteries, and chocolates plus they sell wine and beer.

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