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Staff Engagement & Team

Staff Engagement & Team

The Detroit Regional Chamber strives to promote a culture of staff engagement by supporting active participation in team building activities. Staff members who are engaged in team building activities have a higher job satisfaction rate, increased productivity, motivation and passion for quality, and perform better customer service. These qualities drive performance and results, which are important for business success.

Staff engagement and team building plays a significant role in the Chamber team’s workplace morale. Formulating committees to host fun-filled and high-spirited events and activities for staff members contributes to a relaxed and enjoyable office environment.

  • Staff appreciation days and staff recognition programs promote staff member engagement. Coordinating pop-up surprises throughout the year or hosting an annual off-site event to acknowledge employees for their service and accomplishments are appreciated among employees. Effective verbal and written recognition are appreciated as well.
  • Staff gatherings allow our employees to engage in team building activities and/or mingle in a social setting in an effort to become more acquainted with one another. Examples are staff barbecues, group scavenger hunts, after work appetizers, holiday socials, etc.
  • Lunch and Learns happen during the noon hour to engage employees on show and tell topics such as nutritional classes, health and wellness topics and other educational courses.
  • Youth Day (Bring Your Child to Work Day) is an opportunity to introduce the younger community to the workplace culture while engaging them in fun group activities for their participation throughout the day.

Staff engagement and team building are ideal workplace practices: Sponsoring an effective team building program to encourage open communication, boost morale and increase productivity all play a major role in staff engagement.

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