Mario Bueno
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Mario Bueno

McNair Scholar and Graduate Assistant, University of Michigan; Co-founder, LUCK Inc.

As a returning citizen, Mario Bueno is committed to helping others. He co-founded LUCK Inc. (Leaders Under Correct Knowledge), a nonprofit that helps returning citizens reenter society. Bueno also works with schools to mentor at-risk students and is the author of “Reformed: Memoir of a Juvenile Killer.”

Bueno is currently working as an administrative assistant to Director Don Shelton of the criminology and criminal justice department at the University of Michigan as he completes his master’s degree in criminology and criminal justice with a concentration in public administration.

Bueno was formerly the deputy district manager for District 6, and also previously served as the financial aid director for the Detroit School for Digital Technology, as well as a legislative aide for former Michigan Rep. Harvey Santana. Bueno earned his bachelor’s in accounting from Wayne State University.