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Business Leaders are Called On to Help Heal the Country When the Election is Over

November 2, 2016
By Kelly Weatherwax

When the election and inauguration are over, we will need to go through a healing process, as the country is more divided than it has ever been during an election, explained Ron Fournier, associate publisher of Crain’s Detroit Business. Fournier moderated a ‘National Election Outlook’ panel discussion between Truscott Rossman’s CEO and Principal, Kelly Rossman-McKinney, and President and Principal, John Truscott.

“There is a lot of anxiety among the vote. Institutions that are supposed to be keeping us together are not adapting to the demographic and economic changes as fast as we are being forced to change. In turn, we as a people are losing faith in institutions,” Fournier said.

People are sensing a huge divide, even while part of our economies are doing really well. Although, with all the change being experienced there is a lot of people still being left behind.

“We all, as business owners, have the power to help heal the country coming out of this campaign – part of it is how employees are treated, some of it is the little things that make people feel appreciated. Now, with the turmoil and the economy involved, a lot of people feel left behind, and we should do what we can to lift people up,” said Truscott.

Pointing out that it is a slower process in getting things done in Michigan because of reforms such as Terminance, Fournier begged the question “How do we fix this?”

“We need to continue to stay engaged long after the election and after the inauguration. The voter out there does not feel like they have the avenue to voice their concern and we have to make sure they know they do have channels. That’s on the legislators to get out and hold town meetings with constituents. I encourage all of you to hold meetings in your town to bring in your congressperson, state legislators to make sure the folks that work for you feel like they have the same access to the political leaders,” said Rossman-McKinney.

The panel was a part of the annual Middle Market CEO Summit, convened by Bank of America, Deloitte and the Detroit Regional Chamber to address issues facing middle market business leadership.

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