Detroit Regional Chamber > Chamber Addresses Environment and Energy Issues Facing Businesses Amid COVID-19

Chamber Addresses Environment and Energy Issues Facing Businesses Amid COVID-19

April 27, 2020

On Friday, the Detroit Regional Chamber convened the Environment and Energy Committee to discuss the current issues facing organizations as the COVID-19 crisis unfolds. These issues include ordinances, permitting procedures, unanticipated fees, and more.

The purpose of the Committee is to address the issues businesses are facing and determine how the Chamber can help advocate for companies’ best interests. Right now, companies in the Detroit region must determine how to meet city and state ordinances with new difficulties posed by COVID-19. In many cases, companies must determine on their own what is considered “essential.”

It was noted that businesses should do everything they can with their best effort and intent to fulfill their environmental obligations during this time. As COVID-19-related issues can get in the way, it is important that companies thoroughly document their actions and efforts to meet requirements.

Businesses also reported cross-jurisdictional issues such as unanticipated fees and difficulty maintaining operations in light of COVID-19. Some are only keeping skeleton crews to continue essential functions. Since the state government has been hesitant to answer some questions on which functions are considered essential, businesses are left to make these determinations on their own.

The Committee will continue to discuss the following issues moving forward:

  • Proposed Detroit River Protection Ordinance
  • PFAS
  • Permitting procedures
  • Future Detroit ordinances
  • COVID-19 unanticipated costs and fees
  • Evolving finances and budgets

To learn more about the committee, please email