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Chamber Poll: Michiganders Prefer Our Reopening Pace Compared to Rest of Country

May 21, 2020
While there has been much debate on Michigan’s reopening strategy, including protests at the Capitol in Lansing, the majority of respondents to the Detroit Regional Chamber’s May statewide poll support the pace adopted by the Whitmer administration.

When asked if the state was opening up too fast, too slowly or about right, 58.5% believe the pace is about right, while 32.3% believe it’s opening too slowly, and 7% believe too fast.

That’s nearly 27% higher than the level of support for the national response.

When asked the same question about the overall U.S. response, only 31.8% believe the nation is opening about right, 40% believe the nation is going too fast, and 20.3% believe too slowly.

Support for the pace of Michigan’s opening increases among metro Detroit voters, 65.5% who believe the state is moving at the right pace, while 24.8% say it’s too slow.

And perhaps the most telling finding on pace: 71.7% of respondents who were read statements about their current position agreed that the state needed to reopen the economy gradually to avoid a second wave of COVID-19.

Support for Governor’s Approach Increases, National Response Numbers Stay Same

Michigan voters also expressed strong support for Governor Whitmer’s approach as 63.7% approve of her handling of the crisis compared to 32.8% who disapprove. In April, respondents approved by a margin of 57%-37%.

For President Trump and the federal response, the numbers look largely the same as April with 42.8% approving of his handling of the pandemic and 50.4% disapproving.