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Cybersecurity Program Awarded: NSA and Homeland Security

March 9, 2022
Walsh College has again received designation as a Center of Academic Excellence in Cyber Defense (CAE-CD). Presented by the NSA and Department of Homeland Security, the prestigious CAE-CD designations are valid for three-year intervals and must meet strengthened criteria to receive a re-designation award. Walsh has been at the forefront of cyber defense since 2003 when it became the first school in Michigan and one of the first in the nation to receive this designation.

“Because of the stringent requirements the NSA has for education programs, including hands on learning in cybersecurity, Walsh is particularly proud of maintaining the NSA standards within our IT programs,” says Dave Schippers, Sc.D, CISSP, Associate Professor and Dean of IT/Decision Sciences. “When you combine this with the NSA CAE designation, demonstrating Walsh College’s ongoing commitment to excellence in cybersecurity education you can see the focus we are putting on our student’s future success.”

Cybersecurity is more than the protection of network data; it is about protecting the vast range of equipment now fitted with computers in this information age we live in. Everything from internet-connecting home appliances to vehicles, medical devices, and electrical grids all require protection from malicious attacks.

Cybersecurity requires vigilance and will only grow more important as we move forward into the future. “Your ability to meet the increasing demands of the program validation will serve the nation well in contributing to the protection of the National Information Infrastructure,” wrote Karen Leuschner, CAE Program Manager, NSA.

Since the best defense against cyber threats are qualified professionals, Walsh launched the nation’s first ever Automotive Cybersecurity degree program in 2017. Walsh has ensured that all four of its IT programs meet the expanding CAE-CD criteria to safeguard complicated cyber infrastructures—offering an invaluable edge to Walsh graduates while playing an integral role in honoring the business of Detroit’s Motor City.