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Detroit Regional Chamber Political Action Committee Announces Endorsements for Nov. 8 General Election, 50/50 Bipartisan Slate for Congress, State Legislature

October 3, 2022

DETROIT (Oct. 3, 2022) – The Detroit Regional Chamber Political Action Committee (PAC) today announced its bipartisan endorsements for candidates in the Tuesday, Nov. 8, 2022, general election. In total, the Chamber PAC endorsed 92 candidates in several offices, with an equal balance of Republican and Democratic candidates both in Congress and the Michigan Legislature.

“The Detroit Regional Chamber and its PAC take pride in its tradition of bipartisanship,” said Brad Williams, vice president of Government Relations for the Chamber. “We strive to support balanced, trustworthy candidates and policies that reflect the diversity of our Detroit region membership and Board leadership.”

U.S. House of Representatives

“The Michigan delegation is fortunate to be led by effective bipartisan leaders on both sides of the aisle who will carry on the traditions of John Dingell and Fred Upton,” said Williams.

2nd Congressional District – Rep. John Moolenaar (R)

4th Congressional District – Rep. Bill Huizenga (R)

6th Congressional District – Rep. Debbie Dingell (D)

7th Congressional District – Rep. Elissa Slotkin (D)

8th Congressional District – Rep. Dan Kildee (D)

10th Congressional District – John James (R)

“As a business owner and veteran, John James has a unique perspective on the needs of employers and employees, especially in the automotive industry, that he will carry to Congress as an effective voice for the region,” said Williams.

The Chamber also looks forward to welcoming Rep. Shri Thanedar to Congress and working with him to represent our region. This summer, the Chamber PAC endorsed Rep. Haley Stevens for Michigan’s 11th Congressional District.

Michigan Legislature

“Michiganders have a historic opportunity to choose legislators in new districts. Legislators are casting critical votes on the future of economic development, infrastructure, talent, and regulations. This group of talented public servants will represent the diverse needs of Michigan businesses well,” said Williams.

Michigan House of RepresentativesMichigan Senate
1st District – Tyrone Carter (D)2nd District – Sylvia Santana (D)
2nd District – Tullio Liberati (D)3rd District – Stephanie Chang (D)
6th District – Regina Weiss (D)4th District – Darrin Camilleri (D)
7th District – Helena Scott (D)5th District – Dayna Polehanki (D)
8th District – Mike McFall (D)7th District – Jeremy Moss (D)
10th District – Joe Tate (D)8th District – Mallory McMorrow (D)
16th District – Stephanie Young (D)9th District – Michael Webber (R)
17th District – Laurie Pohutsky (D)11th District – Michael MacDonald (R)
18th District – Jason Hoskins (D)12th District – Kevin Hertel (D)
19th District – Samantha Steckloff (D)14th District – Sue Shink (D)
20th District – Noah Arbit (D)16th District – Joe Bellino (R)
21st District – Kelly Breen (D)21st District – Sarah Anthony (D)
22nd District – Matt Koleszar (D)26th District – Kevin Daley (R)
23rd District – Jason Morgan (D)27th District – John Cherry (D)
24th District – Ranjeev Puri (D)28th District – Sam Singh (D)
25th District – Kevin Coleman (D)30th District – Mark Huizenga (R)
28th District – Rob Kull (D)31st District – Roger Victory (R)
29th District – Alex Garza (D)32nd District – Jon Bumstead (R)
31st District – Dale Biniecki (R)34th District – Roger Hauck (R)
33rd District – Felicia Brabec (D)36th District – Michele Hoitenga (R)
38th District – Kevin Whiteford (R)37th District – John Damoose (R)
39th District – Pauline Wendzel (R)38th District – Ed McBroom (R)
40th District – Christine Morse (D)
41st District – Julie Rogers (D)
44th District – Jim Haadsma (D)
45th District – Sarah Lightner (R)
46th District – Kathy Schmaltz (R)
52nd District – Michael Harris (R)
54th District – Donni Steele (R)
55th District – Mark Tisdel (R)
57th District – Thomas Kuhn (R)
58th District – Nate Shannon (D)
60th District – Joseph Aragona (R)
66th District – Joshua Schriver (R)
67th District – Phil Green (R)
72nd District – Michael Mueller (R)
73rd District – Julie Brixie (D)
74th District – Kara Hope (D)
76th District – Angela Witwer (D)
80th District – Jeffrey Johnson (R)
81st District – Lynn Afendoulis (R)
83rd District – Lisa DeKryger (R)
86th District – Nancy De Boer (R)
88th District – Gregory VanWoerkom (R)
90th District – Bryan Posthumus (R)
91st District – Patrick Outman (R)
93rd District – Graham Filler (R)
94th District – Amos O’Neal (D)
99th District – Michael Hoadley (R)
102nd District – Curtis VanderWall (R)
103rd District – Jack O’Malley (R)
104th District – John Roth (R)
105th District – Kenneth Borton (R)
106th District – Cameron Cavitt (R)

Michigan Executive Offices

“The Chamber PAC is proud to endorse Gov. Gretchen Whitmer for reelection. When we chose her in 2018, the challenges she would face could not have been anticipated,” said Williams. “Beyond her handling of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Governor’s leadership in the development of Michigan Reconnect, the creation of the Strategic Outreach and Attraction Reserve Fund to ensure Michigan’s competitiveness, and the optimization of available funds to improve Michigan’s infrastructure, support the decision to endorse her for a second term.”

In September, the Chamber hosted separate receptions for the Dixon and Whitmer campaigns with our Board of Directors and members. Both candidates addressed attendees and shared their visions for Michigan’s future. The Chamber extends our gratitude to both campaigns for taking the time to meet with stakeholders.

Secretary of State
“Effective government requires effective elections. Sec. Jocelyn Benson’s effective administration of the 2020 election, as well as her efforts to expand the voter universe and enhance the customer service experience, are consistent with the values of employers, thus earning the Chamber PAC’s endorsement,” said Williams.

County Executives

Macomb County – Executive Mark Hackel
Wayne County – Executive Warren C. Evans

Michigan Supreme Court

Justice Richard Bernstein
Justice Brian Zahra

Detroit School Board

Monique Bryant
Latrice McClendon
Angelique Peterson-Mayberry
Iris Taylor

The Chamber PAC Board of Directors regularly meets to identify and support candidates and policies that align with the Chamber’s public policy priorities. After careful consideration, the Chamber PAC Board makes its endorsements based on responses to a Chamber PAC survey, input from Chamber PAC members, and individual interactions. The Chamber PAC Board comprises business leaders representing bipartisan views and reflecting industry, business size, and location diversity. The Chamber PAC historically makes bipartisan endorsements based on alignment with the Chamber’s legislative policy priorities.