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Detroiters Share During First, Second, and Last Word at #DPC19

March 1, 2019
The 2019 Detroit Policy Conference offered attendees the opportunity to hear Detroit’s First, Second, and Last Word throughout the day at the Michigan Talent Investment Agency Stage.

Detroit’s First Word

Conversations during “The Power of Placemaking in Neighborhoods” and “Creating Community Space for All” panels surrounded the importance of listening to community voices and focusing on involving the people who will be using your service or program. We need to listen to receive and not listen to respond, to let community members know their voices are valued and heard.

Detroit’s Second Word

“Promise Scholarship: A Path to a Degree” panelists focused on the importance of thinking about the next for students after high school and realizing that success isn’t just getting the students into college but helping them work on their journey to finish school.

“Skilled Trades: The Talent Pursuit” discussed the importance of skilled trades and exposing younger students to skilled trade opportunities so they can see what the industry has to offer. Reaching students earlier in their life and sooner gives employers new opportunities to engage with potential employers and also discuss the needs of future talent.

Detroit’s Final Word

Rounding out the day with the last three sessions, Detroit’s Final Word talks included “Detroit’s Cost of Living: Housing”, Detroit’s Cost of Living: Transportation and Auto Insurance” and “Access to Capital: Disparities for Entrepreneurs of Color.” Although the topics covered a wide range of content, one point was made clear, if you want to make an impact in the community you have to look at the problem and work together with people who encounter it every day. By working with the community, we can really understand the root of the problem and fix it to make an impact.