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Doerken: Masking Up is a Small Contribution That Makes a Big Difference

July 28, 2020
Doerken’s commitment to the #MaskUpMichigan pledge is a cornerstone of its reopening process to keep employees and clients safe. Beyond masking up in their facilities, the Doerken team is also encouraging face-covering practices outside of the workplace to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and keep its team members safe and facilities open. Doerken President Kent Anderson and Director of Business Affairs Dennis Mulalic shed some light on their team’s commitment to the pledge.

Why did Doerken take the #MaskUpMichigan pledge?

For the safety of our colleagues, families, and community we feel “Masking Up” is a small contribution we can all make to create a safe environment. Further, this protocol will enable the economy to reopen and begin to recover the activity necessary to support our families and community.

Is Doerken doing anything unique or specific to encourage face covering (mask or shields) among employees and/or customers?

The use of masks is part of our comprehensive safety protocol implemented at Doerken to prevent the spread of infection. We encourage all employees to utilize masks outside the work environment providing lower probability of any infection to team members and families. PPE and all necessary devices to check the health of employees is provided by the company to each employee. Masks are mandatory for all who enter the facility. Cooperation has not been an issue among the team.

How is Doerken supporting staff in enforcing face covering among customers?

The few customers to have visited our Technical Center since the pandemic hit have cooperated with our required safety protocol upon entering the facility.  We have experienced no resistance to wearing masks.

Has Doerken reopened?

Yes, Doerken has reopened!  A COVID-19 protocol was developed and implemented using materials and procedures from several sources including MICHauto, the Detroit Regional Chamber, CDC, WHO, Tier 1s, and OEMs. The detailed and comprehensive protocol includes measures for self-certification, PPE, disinfection measures, social distancing, health and wellness, signage, and more. Updates have been made as the situation and response requires. Again, great support and cooperation among the team.

What additional steps have Doerken taken to keep employees and customers safe during this time?

Much of our staff is able to perform their role from a remote home office. Those that are able to continue to do so. All travel and customer visits have been suspended indefinitely. Use of Zoom has proliferated, and we expect this trend to continue with greater use of virtual meetings. Our team is evaluating other new tools, which will enable effective and engaging communication and collaboration with our customers and colleagues. Innovation will be used to facilitate further growth in our business and as a means to exceed customer expectations.