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Gov. Whitmer to Require Face Coverings in Indoor Public Spaces

July 10, 2020
Executive Order Effective July 13.

Gov. Gretchen Whitmer today signed Executive Order 2020-147 to require the wearing of a face covering in all indoor public spaces as well as crowded public outdoor spaces. Further, this order requires businesses open to the public to refuse entry or service to patrons refusing to wear appropriate face coverings. The order takes effect at 12:01 a.m. on Monday, July 13.

Michigan joins Kansas, Maine, Nevada, Pennsylvania, and Washington in enforcing such measures.

Having seen its largest single-day increase in cases in seven weeks on July 8, this effort is intended to slow Michigan’s uptick in COVID-19 cases. The adoption of such preventive practices will support the state’s ability to safely embark on continued reopening and recovery.

The Governor’s order aligns with the Chamber’s recently launched Keep Businesses Open #MaskUpMichigan campaign, which notes the most effective tool we all have to create the conditions for businesses to remain open is to wear face coverings every time we are in public – especially when indoors.

As part of the broader campaign led by the Chamber, it has initiated the #MaskUpMichigan Pledge, encouraging businesses and individuals to commit to wearing appropriate face coverings.

“The Chamber thanks Gov. Whitmer for sharing the Chamber’s ethos of ‘no shoes, no shirt, no mask, no service’ by putting in place an Executive Order requiring masks in indoor public spaces and crowded outdoor spaces. The primary goal of the Detroit Regional Chamber is to support businesses across the region. In this era of COVID-19, there is nothing more important to businesses large and small — and the employees who work for them — than to keep their doors open. To keep our businesses open, #MaskUpMichigan,” said Sandy K. Baruah, president and CEO of the Detroit Regional Chamber.

According to Gov. Whitmer’s order, beyond refusing service to patrons refusing to comply with face covering regulations, businesses open to the public must also post signage at entrances instructing customers of their legal obligation to wear a face covering while inside. The official press release from the Governor’s office outlines the exemptions as people younger than five years old, those unable to medically tolerate a face covering, as well as those who are eating or drinking while seated at a food service establishment.

Read the full release from the Governor’s office.


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