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Lear: Safe Work Playbook

April 23, 2020

Lear: Safe Work Playbook

An interactive guide for COVID-19 pandemic preparedness and response. The manual covers a wide range of topics, including step-by-step guides for setting up a pandemic response team, cleaning and disinfection procedures, staggering shifts and lunch breaks, and other social distancing strategies, on-site health screenings, and protocols for isolating employees who become ill at work.

Pandemic Response Team

The Pandemic Response Team (PRT) is a cross-functional team lead by the Site Manager in the following
• Set up the Pandemic Response Teams
• Have a plan in place to adopt this corporate
framework and develop a site-specific protocol


  • Site Manager – Site manager who has overall responsibility for the site’s pandemic preparedness & response plan, coordinating and aligning with regional/global EHS and the COVID-19 Crisis Team.
  • Employee Access Control Lead – Works with the site to manage social distancing logistics for arriving and departing shifts, as well as visitors and contractors. Supports the Virus Prevention & Protocol Leader by providing site-specific options for social distancing within the site, including potential mitigation measures to manage safety risks for employees required to work less than 1 meter from others.
  • Virus Prevention & Protocols Lead – Develops protocols to ensure the wellness of all employees, the overall pandemic preparedness and response plan, and alignment with Global EHS and the COVID-19 Pandemic Response Team.
  • Sanitization & Disinfection Lead – Manages daily and periodic disinfection logistics, including routine and deep cleaning, and disinfection processes, according to the protocols set up by the Virus Prevention & Protocol Leader. Drives the process of continuous improvement and ensures 100% compliance with Company’s disinfection protocol and any approved regional or site variations.
  • Communication & Training Lead – Manages all pandemic related communications, in coordination with regional and global Communications and HR. Manages training across the site related to pandemic preparedness and response, including employee, management, and pandemic response team training, in accordance with Company’s playbook and COVID-19 Policy and Guidelines directive.
  • PPE & Materials Lead – Secures all necessary supplies to implement and sustain the site pandemic preparedness and response plan, including direct procurement by the site, as well as coordination with Company Procurement to access centrally located supplies or leverage supplies from other Company facilities.

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