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Mackinac Moments on Reducing Talent Shortage, Detroit’s Arts and Culture

May 29, 2023

Throughout the 2023 Mackinac Policy Conference, leaders took to the stage for 10-minute Mackinac Moment sessions to briefly discuss hot topic items like reducing talent shortages and the city of Detroit’s continuously budding arts and culture.

These Mackinac Moments were sponsored by Comcast Business.

On Reducing the Talent Shortage: Ida Byrd-Hill, Chief Executive Officer, Automation Workz

Ida Byrd-Hill, Chief Executive Officer of Automation Workz, discussed why employers should and how they can embrace new recruitment strategies and practices to reduce the talent shortage in their organizations. One of her suggestions is to consider those who may not have a traditional  two- or four-year degrees to

“Skills pay the bills. A degree does not give you skills. I’m asking leaders to look to workers who are skilled through alternative routes.”

On Detroit’s Arts and Culture: Rochelle Riley, Director, Arts and Culture, City of Detroit

Rochelle Riley discussed the arts and culture efforts that she and the city of Detroit are working on with their creative workforce. She also highlighted the mural project throughout the city and other initiatives of great interest.

“This really is about…a way of life and color and making Detroit some place that is beautiful…as well as business-like to live.”


On Michigan Central’s Progress: Josh Sirefman, Chief Executive Officer, Michigan Central

Josh Sirefman shared the final preparation details of the highly anticipated Michigan Central.

“It’s not just about how to be good neighbors, but it’s about actual inclusion and participation in the process. Innovation isn’t just about technical R&D. Everyone participates in innovation at Michigan Central.”