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Moving Forward: Auto and Mobility Marketing and Communications Post-COVID

May 29, 2020
The coronavirus pandemic is unlike anything the automotive and mobility industry has ever seen or could have ever foreseen when developing marketing and communications strategies for 2020. Just six months ago, the industry was looking forward to a new year of vehicle launches, events and tradeshows, and exciting opportunities to share their brand and engage with their customers publicly.

Over the last few months, the industry has faced immense uncertainty as global impact to the industry became more ominous. With manufacturing shut down and employees working remotely, companies of all sizes adapt and adjust their business models and crisis communications were the norm.

Now as production resumes and operations across the automotive and mobility sector begin to pick up steam, communications and marketing teams are quickly needing to pivot to navigate this drastically different landscape. Not only does the industry look and operate differently, but there has been a seismic shift in how transportation companies are going to communicate, both internally and externally, as well as market their brand and products for the foreseeable future.

This has led to the need for companies to rethink their communication priorities. Many are asking themselves:

  • How do we create trust among customers and employees?
  • How do we break through the COVID-19 news cycle and land media coverage?
  • How do we unveil products and market our company without auto shows and trade shows?

The answer is that the role of communications will be even more critical.

The Automotive & Mobility team at Lambert has been working with our clients to develop new strategies to support their new goals and objectives and ensure communication and marketing efforts are driving forward in the months to come.

This focus on communications is critical to the health of the automotive and mobility industry and it is for that reason that we have published the Post-COVID Shutdown Communications Handbook for Automotive & Mobility companies. The handbook features best practices that will help companies prepare for a new communications landscape and provide them with innovative and interesting solutions that shift practices and thinking. It also includes some client examples to provide clarity and context while working through this unprecedented time.

Download the full Post-COVID Shutdown Communications Handbook for automotive and mobility companies.

As a nationally ranked Top-5 Automotive & Transportation PR Firm, Lambert is ready to bring our MARCOM expertise and automotive and mobility knowledge to help your organization transition into a new strategy on the heels of COVID-19. For more information, visit or email us at