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OCC Offers Course on Connected and Autonomous Vehicles

November 1, 2020
OAKLAND COUNTY, Mich. – Oct. 30 2020–Two of the biggest advancements in the automotive industry today are vehicle connectivity and automation. And while the technology in today’s vehicles, such as GPS navigation systems and automatic braking systems, has made the driving experience safer and more enjoyable, a completely autonomous self-driving vehicle could be part of many drivers future purchase decisions.

To learn more about the world of connected and autonomous vehicles (CAV) Oakland Community College’s Continuing Education program is offering a thorough perspective on this rapidly growing automotive industry segment with a three-day, online webinar, Connected Vehicle-Professional Credentialing Program.

The webinar will be held Tuesday through Thursday, Nov. 10-12, 2020 from 9 a.m. to noon.

In partnership with The Next Education organization, the webinar course is a non-technician focused foundational briefing that describes the landscape of the CAV initiative with primary emphasis on the United States. The course will prepare participants to take the Connected Vehicle Professional Exam. The participants will also receive the Connected Vehicle Professional MicroTrax Guidebook from The Next Education as included course materials.

The fee for the Connected Vehicle course is $560. Those interested can register online at For more information, call 248.232.4150.

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