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‘100K By Labor Day’ Plan Pushes Incentives To Fill Labor Shortage

May 13, 2021

62 CBS Detroit

(CBS DETROIT) – As Governor Gretchen Whitmer gives employers the green light to welcome workers back, the Detroit Regional Chamber is working to get more people employed.

“Unemployment benefits have become so rich that people are hesitant to come back into the workplace either remote or in office,” said Detroit Regional Chamber President Sandy Baruah.

Baruah says the labor shortage is taking a toll on employers and their ability to keep up with product and service demands.

The chamber is now crafting an initiative to help people return to the workforce.

“Right now, you know you have the unemployment benefits but those are going to run out relatively soon. Right now the labor market is really rich. You know if you want a job and you’ve got some talent you can get a job without any problem,” said Baruah.

The 100K By Labor Day “back to work plan” is a $400 million proposal submitted to Michigan legislators to encourage workers to re-enter the job market.

Some of the incentives include a $2,000 return to work grant for new employees, a $1,000 training grant for employers for each new hire and a COVID vaccine incentive for employers to support vaccine costs.

“But our legislative proposal is really about getting people who are currently receiving unemployment benefits to take one of the many, many, many jobs that are available either in a physical workplace or even remotely because all kinds of employers are kind of short on staffing, in fact people call it the SOS challenge, you know we’re short on staff,” said Baruah.

The proposed incentives are set to expire on Labor Day or until funds run out.

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