Let’s Detroit

Lets Detroit

The Detroit region is a great place to live, work, and put down roots, yet businesses indicate the number one issue they have is attracting and retaining talent. 

The Detroit Regional Chamber created Let’s Detroit  to increase retention of graduates leaving the state while helping engage those who wish to return or move to the Detroit region.

The Chamber launched Let’s Detroit in September 2018 to increase retention of college graduates by 1% each year, helping achieve the broader goal of increasing postsecondary education attainment in the region to 60% by 2030. The effort also offers employers an opportunity to engage recent graduates directly as part of their talent and recruitment efforts and serve as a talent ambassador for the region.

How it Works

Using a website, texting communication, and social media to engage recent graduates, Let’s Detroit aims to achieve three main objectives:

  • Improve the narrative around Detroit and Southeast Michigan.
  • Increase the number of graduates living in Southeast Michigan.
  • Cultivate an innovative, engaged, and culture-focused business community to drive economic prosperity.

The Secret to Let’s Detroit: Its Ambassadors

Let's Detroit Ambassadors-1

What makes Let’s Detroit unique is its volunteer ambassadors who live in the region and offer young talent authentic connections through events, social media, and the “Ask a Detroiter” program. The Let’s Detroit team works to connect graduates with ambassadors who have insight or perspective to help them evaluate their next move as they consider staying, returning, or moving to the region.

How Businesses Get Involved

  • Leverage Let’s Detroit when recruiting talent for your team.
  • Recruit young professionals in your company to become ambassadors for “Ask a Detroiter.”
  • Become a Let’s Detroit Sponsor and leverage the on and offline platform to meet your company’s talent recruitment and branding objectives.
Let's Detroit

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