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Scott Nykaza

Former Chief Executive Officer, Kalsec

Scott Nykaza is the former President and Chief Executive Officer of Kalsec, who led Kalsec’s transition into a certified B corporation and through COVID-19, ushered in progress around Diversity and Equity, and supported the rollout of the Kalsec Child Care facility. 

Nykaza’s previous roles at Kalsec include Purchasing Director, Vice President of Procurement, Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing, and Chief Operating Officer. Earlier in his career, he worked for Monsanto for ten years. 

Nykaza is active in the community and serves on various charity boards, focusing especially on those that promote easier and more affordable childcare and early education support for working families. He has participated in several forums promoting and educating those in the workplace on the value of affordable childcare. 

Nykaza earned a Bachelor of Science in Animal Science from Kansas State University and a Master of Science in Plant Breeding. He also earned a Ph.D. in Plant Genetics from Colorado State University and his Master in Business Administration from Michigan State University.