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Chamber Opposes Michigan Mandated Health Care Coverage Bill Package

April 1, 2021
House Bills 4346 and 4354 will not cut health care costs for Michiganders. Read why below and send a message to your elected officials today.

The Michigan House unveiled a health care legislative package claiming to cut costs and boost access. But two key aspects of the bill — capping co-pays and interfering in the insurer-pharmaceutical benefit manager relationships — only shifts the costs to other Michiganders rather than address the real issue of pharmaceutical pricing practices.

View details of this legislation below from the Michigan Affordable Healthcare Coalition.

Insulin Copay Cap Legislation – HB 4346: The price of insulin is high because of a lack of competition, with just three manufacturers controlling the majority of the market. That’s why prices are high. These bills will raise the price of health insurance for all, not cut the cost of insulin.

Oral Chemo Parity Legislation – HB 4354: Reducing out-of-pocket costs for some individuals through this legislative mandate will only increase costs for the rest of us in the insurance market. Cost increases for these drugs will continue if this bill is passed, increasing insurance premiums.

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