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COVID-19 Case Tracing Apps in Development for Automotive Factories

May 19, 2020
Thirdware Solution Inc. and The Charles Stark Draper Laboratory, Inc. announced that they are in discussions to help automotive manufacturers quickly deploy advanced technology to provide confidence to their employees that their workspace is as safe as possible during the COVID 19 pandemic. Using artificial intelligence applications to track and trace on-site workers, organizations can better understand their employees’ movements and exposure within a facility based on data and facts to allow proactive planning and response for traffic flow, cleaning, and managing employee to employee exposure. Artificial intelligence software can provide just-in-time workforce guidance to enable companies to enact transparent, people-first policies and training to keep employees safe.

Draper is part of the Essential Critical Infrastructure supporting national security programs and objectives for the U.S. government. Draper designed these tracking and tracing applications for its own use in response to the COVID 19 pandemic earlier this year. Draper’s contribution to this collaboration is expected to include its track and trace algorithm in the development of software applications to be deployed by Thirdware to customers in the automotive industry and other industries.

The advanced technology apps use data already collected by most automotive security processes and can incorporate new methods to provide the information that employers and employees want to know such as:

  • Real-time information for confidence and peace of mind that contact with others is as safe as it can be
  • Know immediately where confirmed COVID 19 cases have been and with whom they have been in contact, and for how long
  • Visualize how people are moving through the facility, and how traffic in congested areas can be reduced
  • Predict traffic and contact changes as workforce and workplace situations change
  • Confirm that employees are following safe social distance procedures

Among the solutions anticipated to be offered include a communication platform for managers and employees to help organize COVID-19 related information, provide easy visualizations and analytics, as well as easily communicate and train the entire workforce. With a social media-style interface, it should require minimal training and may be deployed within 24 hours.