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Chamber and Gallup’s Center on Black Voices Launch First Annual Survey, Detroit Resident Voices 2022

September 26, 2022

The Detroit Regional Chamber, in partnership with Gallup’s Center on Black Voices, is pleased to announce that the first annual survey of the Center for Black Voices, Detroit Resident Voices 2022, has officially launched, and 120,000 surveys are currently arriving across the tri-county region.

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This significant milestone in the Chamber’s Racial Justice and Economic Equity effort was made possible by the Chamber’s partnership and engagement with the Racial Equity Blueprint Group, which serves as Gallup’s client for survey development. The Racial Equity Blueprint Group worked with Gallup to tailor the survey instrument specifically to meet the needs of Detroiters and the tri-county region.

The survey will provide an increased understanding of Black Detroiters’ perceptions, feelings, desires, and life experiences. The 61 survey questions were developed from feedback gathered at local briefings held over the summer with the Racial Equity Blueprint Group, various community organizations, and funders.

Responses will share how residents view the quality of their lives, evaluate services offered by the city, and rate key daily experiences, among other topics. The results will drive new collective action initiatives in Detroit, which will hopefully be driven by collaboration among business, philanthropy, government, and nonprofit organizations. The survey and the collective action initiatives will increase equity and improve outcomes for all Detroiters.

Gallup indicates survey findings will be delivered in early 2023. Tune in to the Chamber’s website and social channels to keep updated on this project’s status and when the first-year data will be unveiled.

This launch was made possible by all of the funding partners and organizations.

For more information, contact Marnita Harris.