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Ghafari: Masking Up Key to Welcoming Back Employees

July 29, 2020
The Ghafari team is going all-in to ensure its employees are informed and equipped to participate in health and safety practices, including masking up, as part of its reopening plan. Learn more about why they’ve committed to the #MaskUpMichigan pledge and how the team is making compliance as accessible as possible for its employees.

Why did Ghafari take the #MaskUpMichigan pledge?

Ghafari took the #MaskUpMichigan pledge to reinforce our commitment to the mask requirements we have already implemented in our workspaces. As a proud Michigan-based family business, our greatest concern is always the safety of our team members. We are only able to welcome them back into our offices through a shared pledge to practices that support a healthy environment for all. Mask wearing is one such safety measure that is simple but greatly impactful.

Is Ghafari doing anything unique or specific to encourage face covering (mask or shields) among employees and/or customers?

Ghafari is requiring face masks in all of our offices and has employed a number of tactics to clearly communicate this requirement to our team:

  • Ghafari is providing masks to our team members who do not have their own.
  • Our mandatory “Return to the Office” training sessions – led by our HR team – dig deep into face masks, including the proper fit, acceptable types, maintenance and hygiene, and the CDC guidelines on placement and removal.
  • We know that masks are just as critical as hygiene, so we have added signage throughout our offices relaying their importance to our team members.
  • We post photos to our internal SharePoint site featuring team members at our other U.S. and overseas offices donning their masks to reaffirm that this is a global company practice.

Has Ghafari reopened? If so, please share the safety protocols/precautions that have been put in place since reopening to keep employees and customers safe.

Phase 1 of our reopening – in which we are welcoming back approximately 25% of our team – officially begins on Aug. 3 for our Michigan offices. In preparation for their return, we have: published a detailed return-to-office playbook; posted informative signage throughout our offices; set up cleaning and sanitation stations; bolstered our regular cleaning schedule and instituted weekly deep cleanings; and conducted training on all of the new protocols, including daily health questionnaires, temperature checks, and face masks.