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Ways to Support Your Coworkers Right Now

April 20, 2020

Chances are, your relationships with your coworkers are drastically different now than they were a few months ago. If you are working from home or are in a modified work environment due to the coronavirus, consider how your communication with your colleagues has changed. Are you sending more emails? Do you feel out of the loop? Do you feel disconnected?

This sudden change in office setting combined with social distancing is difficult for many. During these difficult times, staying mindful of how you communicate and maintain relationships with others is critical to supporting one another. Learn more below on how to best support your coworkers right now.

Put your self in their shoes.

Now is the time to practice compassion. Before getting frustrated with a coworker, remember that this work environment is new for everyone and individuals take varying amounts of time to adjust. And you might not know the whole story — not everyone feels comfortable sharing with others what they or their family is facing.

Don’t compare your struggle to others’. If you are able to retain your pace at work no matter what you are facing in your personal life, good for you. But accept that not everyone is willing or able to do that.

And if you are struggling due to factors caused by COVID-19, consider taking time off if able to, and make sure to communicate with your supervisor. Remember, it’s okay to ask others for help and voice what you need.

Help out where you can.

If you see a coworker struggling, your assistance is much more useful and worthwhile than your judgment. Your ability to be there for your coworkers won’t be forgotten — your support has never been more important than now. Consider ways you can offer your help:

  • Take on some of your coworker’s duties if they need to schedule time off.
  • Offer compliments and constructive criticism when appropriate.
  • Extend assistance to those with heavier workloads due to COVID-19’s impact.

Maintain your friendships and strengthen bonds.

Beyond help with work, what your coworkers really need right now is your emotional support and friendship. Keeping in mind that every person has different boundaries when it comes to relationships with their coworkers, think of ways that you can stay connected while physically apart.

  • Have a team happy hour over video chat after work.
  • Invite a coworker to have lunch or coffee with your over video chat.
  • Share helpful resources with your coworkers on maintaining wellness through these difficult times.