2016 Detroit Policy Conference Speakers

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  • Radical Change

    In the 1973 film, “Sleeper,” Woody Allen wakes up after being frozen following a botched operation. To escape the inept police state trying to terminate him, he steals a car that looks like a bubble, with frosted windows and no steering wheel. He simply tells it where to go.

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  • Carolyn Cassin

    General Partner, BELLE Michigan Fund LP; President and CEO, Michigan Women’s Foundation; General Partner, BELLE Michigan

  • Innovations in Design

    Lear Corp. is teaming up with local college students to develop innovations for the next-generation automotive seating and electrical systems. The Southfield-based auto supplier plans to open an innovation and design center in the historic 119 State Street building in Detroit’s Capitol Park neighborhood.

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  • The Craft of Making

    Located in midtown Detroit, the College for Creative Studies (CCS) is a relatively small school that makes a big impact on the design world. CCS strives to provide students with the tools needed for successful careers in the dynamic and growing creative industries. The college is a major supplier of talent to numerous industries, such as transportation, film and animation, advertising and communications, consumer electronics, athletic apparel, and many more.

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  • An Ode to Great Design

    While I never studied design – and my third-grade art work posted on the refrigerator clearly demonstrated my lack of talent – I am a big fan of great design. From Henry Moore sculptures to Daniel Libeskind architecture to the everyday paperclip, I have long been moved by design’s ability to turn something of necessity to something of desire.

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  • Devita Davison

    Marketing and Communications Director, FoodLab Detroit

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