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Henry Ford College on Their Hopes for New Student Success Mode

September 20, 2022

Community college partners involved with the Detroit Drives Degrees Community College Collaborative (D3C3) are sharing their thoughts on the initiative, their proposed plans for improving the talent pipeline, and why their work is important. See below for what Henry Ford College had to say.


How is your experience working with the National Institute for Student Success (NISS) at Georgia State University guiding your student success work? 

“After studying the NISS work, Henry Ford College modeled our entire institution’s Strategic Plan on a student-success agenda. This plan is modeled on successful student success initiatives at Georgia State. We have publicly outlined specific goals to increase access, retention, graduation, and success outcomes in career or transfer by implementing extensive supports for students. We have implemented nearly every recommendation from the NISS. We will be deploying those strategies this fall semester because we know that we can do better and we must do better. We have the opportunity to change lives through education and, with increased public support, now is the time to focus on student success.”