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Methods To Help You Remain Productive While Working Remotely

March 20, 2020

Be Productive While Working Remote

Working remotely can be difficult for some, but there are ways to increase productivity and improve productivity levels overall.

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Create Your Workspace

Find an effective place to set up the workspace that you will treat as your “desk” during working hours. Avoid places such as the couch, bed, or sitting in front of the television that could easily make you unproductive the more comfortable you are.

If you do not have a spare bedroom or office, find a spot that is not smack dab in the center of the action such as the kitchen counter or dining table.

Communication, Communication, Communication

When communicating from a distance with your employees and team, it is important to take these skills to the next level. Communication is the glue of any great organization. There are a lot of great technologies and programs, companies already have installed that can improve workplace communications. Microsoft Teams, for example, has a great team call feature that makes meeting remotely effortless.

Time Management is Key

It takes a high level of discipline to have good habits to effectively manage your time, especially while in an environment you are not used to working in. Working remotely can often be distracting, it is important to learn ways to manage your time and stay on track.

  • Delegate tasks when needed
  • Take regular breaks
  • Start early in the day
  • Avoid multitasking when possible (ignore at-home tasks and don’t try to do laundry while working)
  • Set clear deadlines

Stay Organized

Starting your day by organizing what you need to get done and keeping a checklist that you mark off throughout the day will help stay on track.

  • Make a list
  • Find your peak hours
  • Keep your calendar up to date
  • Structure your day as you would in the office

Be Semi-Formal

The mental association you make between work and going into an “office” can make you more productive. Keep this mindset when working from home and practice the same morning routine you normally would – set your alarm, make coffee, wear nice clothes, etc.

Stay focused, stay committed, and keep your company’s mission in mind as you would when working from the office.

Learn from Success Stories

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